Bi-District Training Day: Sat., Jan. 18, 2020 @ Floris UMC

A New Way of Faith,the Contemplative Spirituality (Korean)

Rev. Hyunsik Kang (Lead Pastor, Ashburn KUMC)

People inside as well as outside the church speak of the crisis of Christianity. This may be an exaggeration of the reality but it can no longer be denied. According to Brian McLaren, the crisis of Christianity has to do with the fact that the Gospel became a stubborn “belief system,” rather than ‘a way of living.’ How can we transform the ‘Stuffed Gospel’ into the Living Gospel that is the way of the True Christian life? The Contemplative Spirituality may be an answer. Contemplation is a way of going deeper in relationship with God. It is the spiritual heritage of centuries from our faithful ancestors, by which the true nature of the Gospel was saved when it came under attack in the emergence of institutional church in the Roman Empire. Therefore, the Contemplative Spirituality is not a new way of faith, but a lost tradition of faith that is key to the future Christian faith we must restore. This session will rediscover this earlier Christian tradition.

Korean Language, Spiritual Formation, Leadership, Lay Leaders


Understand why the Contemplative Spirituality is so important for today’s Christians and take part in Contemplative practices.

*This workshop will be presented in Korean. The description below in Korean is for the same session.

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